This is my final term in the EdTech program online through Boise State.  My emphasis has been on teaching adults online and I feel I have come out of this program a better online teacher, as well as equipped to work as a distance learning or online training coordinator/ director, but I am also pretty open-minded about my ultimate career path.  I do know I want to work with people and I want to work with online training/ classes.


  • Technology Leadership: I want to be a leader in technology wherever I end up working.  I already interact with technology intuitively, and I strive to provide technological solutions to problems, where appropriate.
  • Career Goals: In the near-ish future, I would like to work as a distance learning coordinator/ director.  This isn’t an educational goal, necessarily, but this degree ties directly into my career aspirations.
  • Build/ Develop my PLN: This would seem to be another natural outcome of this program – this is a great opportunity to get to know and learn from a bunch of like-minded people.

What I know about instructional design is partly self-taught and partly taught through working for a couple of years with two incredible ladies at the first community college I worked with.  One was working on a PhD in Instructional Design for Online Learning and the other was the distance learning coordinator.  They were fantastic mentors and friends, but I was in need of more formal training.  The master’s program at Boise State has made me more marketable in an uncertain job market and a field that I love.

To summarize and maybe say something I didn’t in the rest of this post: I feel at home, both in this program and in the field of education.

This portfolio is a culmination of my work over the past couple of years – please feel free to leave feedback.


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